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VIP is the original Vibration Isolation floor. VIP's Unique Vibration Isolation Panels create consistent ball response and cut down on vibration back to the athletes, helping keep them safe on the court and playing longer.

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Focus is a resilient anchored gym flooring system that's Patented Athletic Response Ridge enhances play for athletic activities while engineered for heavy non-athletic loading. It is ideal for coaches and facilities seeking performance and cushion for athletes with versatility for the facility.

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Excellent value for an anchored sports flooring system. It provides adjustable performance levels to help meet your facility’s needs.

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Refinish Hardwood Gym Floor

As it ages, Hardwood Flooring can get scratched and dull. But unlike other types of flooring, Hardwood Flooring can make a comeback. All you have to do is Refinish it.
As Sport Court carolina, We have years of exeperience in Refinishing all kinds of Hardwood Flooring. For every Hardwood Type Flooring we have a solution!

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