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Indoor Surfaces


Response HG: Maple Select™

Response HG is an Indoor Athletic Sport Flooring that can be used for a variety of sports, like Volleyball, Basketball or other Indoor Sport activity. Sport Court gives a 15 years warranty. The Response HG is known for the following points:

SportGuard™ – High gloss with proprietary advanced surface technology provides an incredibly durable that lasts for the life of your warranty.

Safety – Response HG surfaces has the patented Lateral Forgiveness™ that provides shock absorbing and prevent fatigue, concussions and injury. 

Real Indoor Hardwood Court Look – The Line Response HG called Maple Select™ for an attractive alternative to a hardwood court while retaining the feel of a maple surface. 

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Response™ is an indoor sport flooring system ideal for school gym, recreation center, church activity rooms and sport clubs. Because Sport Court Carolina is the best, we give a 15-year warranty. Our Response™ has the following features:

Patented Lateral ForgivenessTM – The Advanced Athletic Technology helps reduce joint stress and fatigue during plays. 

Low Life-Cycle Cost – The Surface Technology ensures Easy Maintenance & Low Cost on the Indoor Court. 

Quick Install– The design of the Response™ take three days install. 

Championship Tested – Our Response™ is already tested widely! For example, it is the Official Playing surface of the NCAA® USA Volleyball.

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Defense™ is a proven performer Indoor Court no matter what sport, ensuring your surface fits any need you have with your Sport. The Defense™ has the following bullet points:

High Advanced Surface Technology – Defense™ provides a near identical ball bounce as concrete while providing a best in class, comfortable surface for active and repetitive play

Patented Lateral Forgiveness™ – This helps to reduce joint stress and fatigue, so kids, youth or adults can play longer their sports or activities on this court.

15-year limited warranty –With our long-life warranty and low Maintenance costs, our floors are ideal for heavy use. Our fast install means you can be playing in no time. One of the reasons we are the Best in this Industry.

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Hardwood Sport Flooring

Our Indoor Hardwood Sport Surfaces can be used for a variety of Sports. For Basketball, Volleyball and Handball to Dance & Aerobics, Sport Court Carolina offers a court solution that fits your Needs & Budget. The Hardwood Flooring has The Patented Athletic Response Ridge that enhances play for athletic activities. Thereby, the Unique Vibration Isolation Panels create consistent ball response. As Sport Court Carolina, we have three different types of Hardwood Court: VIP™, FOCUS™ or ALLIANCE

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Outdoor Surfaces



PowerGame™ is an Outdoor Sport Surface for almost every sport you can imagine like basketball, tennis, pickleball, soccer or other outdoor sport activities. It is the safest & highest rated athletic sport surface available on the market. PowerGame™ Is known for the following attributes:

Patented Lateral Forgiveness™ – The Advanced Athletic Technology helps reduce joint stress and fatigue during plays. 

Patented Double-Tier – PowerGame™ delivers shock absorbing grid and the same ball response as a hardwood floor unmatched by the industry.

Highest Quality materials – Moisture resistance specialty grid design lets water drain creating long lasting and fast drying sport surface. Also, UB stabilizers to protect your investment. 

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PowerGame+’s unmatched safety and playability make it the perfect court for championship competitions around the world and for your backyard athletes at home. The surface, now safer than ever with improved shock absorption, reduced risk of impact injury and the best combination of abrasion protection and dry traction. The patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness™ reduce joint strain and fatigue to help your family safely play hour after hour.

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The ideal surface for pickleball players of all abilities. SportGame PB™ retrofits over most hard surfaces and outlasts conventional acrylic courts. SportGame PB™ is Sport Court's revolutionary new surface that has been engineered specifically for the game of Pickleball. This brand new and cutting-edge surface allows for optimal play, with the same ball response as hard acrylic, but integrates our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ providing the added benefit of reduced joint stress and fatigue.

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Sport Game™

SportGame™ is the premiere Outdoor Athletic Surface Technology for any sport or event. For more then 40 years Sport Court is the leading Company in building Outdoor Sport Courts. With all our experience we have ensured that this sport surface is ideal for a variety of sports. SportGame™ has the following features:

The Patent Pending design – This provides excellent traction and low abrasion for safe play at an affordable price

The Lateral Forgiveness™ – This Technology helps to reduce joint stress and fatigue without sacrificing ball bounce and response. 

Quick Install & Easy Maintenance – The design of SportGame™ floor helps to install the whole outdoor court in no-time and makes it easy & quick to clean the outdoor sport court

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Turf Systems

Sport Court Carolina offers three types of Turf Systems. It doesn’t matter wherefor you will use the turf, we have many options that fits your needs & budget. The three types of Turf Systems are listed down here:

SPORT LAWN –  Sport Lawn is ideal for backyard play areas, batting cages, and other recreational events, such as bocce ball courts. Our premiere line of turf products provides outstanding comfort and little to no maintenance.

SPIKE TURF – Spike Turf is an made specifically for for batting cages and similar areas This durable, comfortable product feels just like grass, putting your athletes right out on the field.

PLAY TURF – Grass is difficult and expensive to maintain. Play Turf is the solution. It means that your elementary school or daycare outdoor play area is safe, natural feeling and doesn’t need expensive upkeep or watering.

Accessories for Indoor & Outdoor Courts

Hoops & Lights™


Sport Court has come up with a quality in-ground basketball hoop systems to guarantee the best in performance and safety. Our Slam Systems don’t corrode and you can adjust the advanced height adjustment system so people of all ages can enjoy the fun. They feature tempered glass backboards which deliver pro-level ball rebound, and the included backboard and pole pads provide even more safety.

Sport Court Light Systems mean the game isn’t over when the moon rises. Our single and double headed lighting solutions allow your family to enjoy a friendly game of hoops far into the night.

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Multi-Purpose Net Systems

Raise or lower nets without missing a serve. The easy to use pulley and crank systems allows you to set it up in a matter of minutes for another sport. Put it low, you can use it for tennis. Set it up higher, and you can grab your volleyball to play the sport

Designed with a range of sports in mind, the intuitive construction of these nets accommodates all your sports needs. This Multi-purpose Net systems can be used for a variety of sports like Volleyball, Tennis, Pickleball or badminton. All of this in just one Netting system on one Sport Court!

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Tennis BackBoards

Sport Court Carolina offer one whole lines of Tennis Back Boards. Because the line has different measurements, we are able to find the perfect size Back Board that fits your needs & budget.

The Economy Flat Line of backboard is for decades the most choosing option in the industry. This backboard is known for the following points:

Technologically Superior Outdoor Materials – The tennis Back Board are made from Fiberglass, Gel Coat and Polyurethane paint. Those materials help for keeping the backboard in top condition with every weather circumstance.   

Easy to installation – Typically takes two people few hours to install, complete installation kit, interlocking green fiberglass panels

Sound-deadening matrix interior – The Tennis Backboard we offer, are created with a sound deadening technology.

Numerous styles and sizes – As a customer you can choose between 8’ and 10-foot heights and 12-, 16- and 20-foot standard widths with Custom colors, green, blue or black.

Ball Containment Fence

With the Sport Court Ball containment fence, you’ll spend more time gaming and less time chasing after a loose ball. Thereby the ball containment fence offers a forgiving resistance when impacted by aggressive plays, so the surrounding will be safe. Our Sport Court Ball containment fence:

- Is built to withstand any outdoor environment

- Can be used for all types of ball sports

- Has a vast variety of materials and sizes

- Can be completely customize for your needs & budget

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Rebounder Net & Soccer Goals

No matter whether you play alone, train to improve your professional skills or just do the sports for fun, you will enjoy the process of playing with this a rebounder net from Sport Court Carolina. This rebounder netting system can be used for a variety of ball sports.

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Wall Safety Pads

Sport Court Carolina offers Wall Pads that provides safety and fully protection for your athletes and gym walls. Vinyl covered padding for walls offer shock absorption and cushion for players, reducing the physical harm that may happen if an athlete collides with a wall. It's an important safety measure necessary in any athletic facility. Sport Court Carolina have many wall pad options that fits your needs & budget.


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Divider Sport Nets

With Our Divider nets systems, you can easy create a barrier between two indoor Sport Courts. Sport Court Divider netting are custom fabricated to your indoor facility needs & requirements. 

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